Not only are we one of the licensed manufacturers of Helixchanger®; we also manufactured the largest (high alloy) Helixchanger® in the world. We have produced this special type of shell and tube heat exchanger as of 1996 when we received approval from Lummus Heat Transfer. It is based upon the helical flow principle. The corkscrew flow results in better heat dissipation and a reduced pressure drop. Helixchanger® heat exchangers are energy-efficient and produce less pollution than traditional shell and tube exchangers. (Since the introduction of the Helixchanger®, Vermeer Eemhaven International has built 10% of all Helix-devices sold)

Normal shell and tube heat exchanger are built with segmental baffle position, which causes deadzones. The Helix Angle drilling from 5 – 45 degrees.

The total life cycle cost can be reduced by bundle replacement and new build.

Helixchanger® Heat Exchanger Characteristics

Reduce shellside fouling & extend run length to 3 – 4 times
Reduce heat transfer surface up to 35%
Reduce maintenance related down time
Reduce shell side pressure drop
Saving pumping costs and downstream heating costs
Increase process capacity up to 40%
Eliminate vibration and acoustic rumbling
Average capital cost savings 25%