our mission is to be a company our customers can rely on


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global companies became loyal partners


highly engineered & cost effective


QSHE as an integral part of our corporate philosophy


highly engineered & cost effective


specialists in heat exchangers since 1955

Vermeer Eemhaven International specializes in the design, engineering and production of equipment for the process industry. The company relies on over fifty years of ample experience. Over time we have learned that it is not enough to offer the best possible product. However, our proposition will only be favorable if the price is competitive, if the production is done according to strict quality standards and if the delivery and installation take place as scheduled. Only then can we offer the best possible solution.

With this attitude we have gained the trust of numerous loyal customers worldwide.

Vermeer Eemhaven International has four production facilities – carefully laid out to ensure an efficient routing of the manufacturing process. Various kinds of machining, such as drilling, milling, turning, plasma cutting and grinding are performed by digitally controlled equipment.


Not only are we one of the licensed manufacturers of Helixchanger®; we also manufactured the largest Helixchanger® in the world. We have produced this special type of shell and tube heat exchanger as of 1996 when we received approval from Lummus Heat Transfer.

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Highly engineered & cost effective
Highly engineered & cost effective

The core of our business lies in the manufacturing of heat exchangers, air coolers, condensers and pressure vessels for various industries. The …

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Specialists in heat exchangers since 1955
Specialists in heat exchangers since 1955

In order to be a full service partner to its customers, Vermeer Eemhaven International offers a range of competences and methods …

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Global companies became loyal partners
Global companies became loyal partners

At Vermeer Eemhaven International, every product is a one off. Every customer is unique. We treat both accordingly. In order to perform in …

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QSHE as an integral part of our corporate philosophy
QSHE as an integral part of our corporate philosophy

The quality, safety, health and environment policy at Vermeer Eemhaven International B.V is an integral part of our corporate philosophy and our …

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Looking for the best!

We are always looking for the best.
Design & manufacturing professionals
are unfortunately a dying breed.

Are you yourself part of our proud
community and are you interested in
working for a no nonsense manufacturer
from Rotterdam, please contact us for a
cup of coffee.

M. Schouten

Acquisitions by agencies is not appreciated.

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