Welding–Any product is as strong as its weakest weld

In essence, the quality of our products is defined by the quality of the welds being used. Since our know-how about welding is second to none, we can offer a product quality that is indisputable. Of course we work with the latest welding equipment and have all the necessary certifications. Under all circumstances, whether it involves manufacturing new or replacement devices, repairs or reconditioning, ferrous or non-ferrous, we only work with certified welders.

Next to our professional welding equipment, we use three computer laser-controlled orbital welding robots. These welding robots are able to accelerate the orbital welding process up to 60% and perform flawlessly. Several innovative manual orbital welding machines that match the working quality of our welding robots provide us with extra capacity.
Vermeer Eemhaven International runs a state of the art welding shop that offers you expert quality and a quick turnaround to meet your needs. In order to monitor the quality level of our work, we have two fully equipped NDO bunkers where independent quality inspectors can examine components with a diameter of up to five meters.

Welding process at Vermeer Eemhaven International

We specialize in special metals: