Specialist in heat exchangers since 1955

In order to be a full service partner to its customers, Vermeer Eemhaven International offers a range of competences and methods regarding the design and the manufacturing of our products. Through digitally controlled manufacturing, we ensure that we can handle all kinds of materials in every shape and size. Vermeer Eemhaven International aims to fully satisfy its customers. Our efforts are therefore concentrated on quality systems, core specialization and a flat and efficient organization. This results in competitive prices and short delivery times.

Innovative and sustainable engineering solutions


What we know about the work we do defines the way we do our work. Engineering experience is something you obtain only by repeating the same steps over and over again, with a keen eye on ways to improve not only the end-result, but also the way to get there.

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Vermeer India–Engineering capacity at hand


In 2009, Vermeer India was established as a branch office for the several Vermeer companies. Vermeer India acts as our extended engineering department for all special projects.

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Welding–Any product is as strong as its weakest weld


In essence, the quality of our products is defined by the quality of the welds being used. Since our know-how about welding is second to none, we can offer a product quality that is indisputable.

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From raw material to high quality components


Vermeer Eemhaven International does not depend on subcontractors. We can completely rely on our machining shop and the people who run it. Consequently, we are able to perform any kind of drilling, turning, milling and plasma cutting.

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Machine park

teaser Machine park

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teaser Primavera

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